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Corporate culture

The principle viewpoint of Shanghai Success is:
Condense quintessence, Surmount success.

It means that:
1. The interior of the corporation

First, the cohesion is significant within a corporation. The corporation without the cohesion will be in a state of disunity. It is impossible to win in the competition of the society.
Through practice of many years, I want to establish a group which is composed of talented persons from different fields. Through fair and foul, this group can endure humiliation in order to carry out an important task. This group is cautious and conscientious. This group can complete its own mission quickly. Of course, at the same time of conceiving, this group is coming into being.
However, we couldn't establish an united group without the help of persons in the same camp. There are many talented persons in the world, but it is not easy to find persons in the same camp. But I believe that we will find them who want to strive with us, no matter how difficult frustration we met.
Of course, we need to choose continuously. Then we will find quintessential persons that our corporation need.
2. Surmount success

If we want to obtain success, we must have steadfast confidence, courage and resource. Although it is difficult to obtain success, we will obtain the prospective victory if we explore and seek unweariedly.
We not only need to obtain a success, but also obtain success constantly. Then we willexert pressure constantly , promoting and upgrading. When we obtain the success, we should break the old structure and form, explore new ideas. Then we will innovate constantly.
So we should be larruping and break the general mode of thinking. We do this not only for success, but for surmounting success to achieve future.
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