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Corporate belief

"Purchasing the truth, abandoning impracticableness"
Keep our words, show the empressement. Sincerity and honesty are essential for us.
In the work we should try to be practical. The one who says what he doesn't think and picks easy work and shirk hard ones will be looked down on.

"Daring to explore and innovate"
Don't tread as on eggs and be swayed by considerations of gain and loss.
Further, we dare to do what the others don't dare to do. We also need this kind of spirit on the technique research and development. The corporation that has new technique, new product, new management and new viewpoint will win in the competition of the society. Of course, we need courage and propound knowledge.
Although we should take risk to explore and innovate, we will beat everything as long as we have courage, confidence and willpower.

"Progress day by day"
It says that "The world is in the state of continuously changing". So we should progress and change continuously. If we couldn't break the old mode of thinking, we won't make progress with the step of the ages.
If we want to be a successful man, self-confidence, activity, self-examination and learning are absolute necessary.

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