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Shanghai Success is composed of many specialized companies, which are mainly engaged in the development, production, sales and construction for the chemical architectural materials. We provide the management, consultation, trustee service for the coating enterprise. The company was founded by the members of alumni association, Shanghai Jiaotong University.
The company is a high-tech enterprise which cooperates closely with Shanghai Jiaotong University. The business scope of our company is mainly for the production, sales and constructions of the macromolecule polymer. We import advanced technology and production from the foreign multinational corporation, and we provide the superior quality service for our customers.
Recur to the advanced S&T and flexible mechanism, our products are advanced, the engineering quality is excellent, and we provide the knight service. Due to the cooperation with other business enterprises, the resources from all aspects and geographical superiority, we will realize related cooperative partners' wealth maximization of benefits.
In this age, the country is prosperous and strong, the world is peaceful. We have a steadfast belief in ^condense quintessence, surmount success ̄. In the principle of success with other cooperative partners, we will join hand in hand and work together for building a splendid future.
Shanghai Success Trade Corp.Ltd. Shanghai Success Chemical Material Corp.Ltd. Shanghai Success Decoration Engineering Corp.Ltd. and Jiangyin branch are subordinated to Shanghai Success.
We believe "Catholicity .Quintessence. Development ̄ It will lead us to the success.

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